Hello all!

As of this Saturday, The Femme Word will be posting 2 Saturdays per month about everything from facial hair to sex toys and social issues.  Please spread the word!  Our first official post will be out at midnight on Saturday, September 21st.  Here’s a little teaser to get you excited from “The Hair Dare: No Shave… Never”


…I still just don’t get why hair is so masculine. Women have had hair forever. All women. In fact in some cultures, women commonly have facial hair. In some Sikh cultures it is considered a sin to alter your body in any way including shaving so some women who have facial hair feel totally comfortable with it (remember Balpreet Kaur and how awesomely the called out her critics?). I am lucky enough to only have one out of place stupid wirey follicle that grows once every few months on my throat, but even that one puny hair drives me actually insane when it shows up. I’ve even named it. It’s a Gertrude (sorry to any Gerties out there, it just really felt fitting). And I have no problem with facial hair… I actually really admire it. I love beards. But one hair, just one, is enough to make me pull over on a highway and pluck it to death…

See you Saturday!





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